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About us

Carmina Design Co. is a full-service garment design and made-in-Canada clothing manufacturing company.

We put ethics and sustainability at the core of everything we do.



Our story

In 2014, Carmina Young founded a small business making women’s clothing for her own collection. A recent graduate of Fanshawe College’s Fashion Design program, and a new Canadian who immigrated from Mexico with her family in 2002, she took on the task of creating quality garments in Canada and founding a garment factory.

Years later, Carmina Design Co. is a Canadian success story, providing garment manufacturing services, design development services, and manufacturing our own apparel brands from our 10,000 sqft London Ontario-based facility.

Our values

  • We are accountable to our clients
  • We earn the trust of our clients every day by operating with complete integrity
  • We foster a supportive and inclusive team environment that emphasizes collaboration and personal growth
  • We care about our people, customers, and community by embracing social and environmental sustainability
  • We create an exceptional customer experience through timely communication, fostering true partnership, and being a trusted solutions provider.



Our team

Chris copy@0.5x carmin

Carmina Young


Chris copychris 0.5x

Chris Healy



Lina Bowden


Chris copy sarah 0.5x

Sarah Bedard

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Chris copy@0.5x

Jordan Bowden

Head of Operations 



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